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what is addiction?


Addiction as a word of English language means to continue to do or take something beyond the control of one’s own self. Addiction could be related to anything, from work to eating, from shopping to traveling, from gambling to individuals and from alcohol to drugs. Once a habit becomes a compulsion, it can be termed as an addiction. For example, if somebody loves eating chocolates so much that he/she can’t dream living without eating chocolates, it can be termed as an addiction.


Addiction drives a person to take or do things to a point where they become harmful but the person continues to indulge in his/her addiction unmindful of the consequences. And the worst part is that the person is aware of the results and yet is unable or unwilling to let go of their addiction, because by then, it has usually taken the shape of a compulsive habit.


Addiction of any kind is bad but usually addiction to mood altering substances like alcohol, nicotine and other drugs is considered the worst kind, for not only do they damage the body, they also affect the mind of the person addicted to them. Addiction is basically the craving of the body and obsession of the mind of the person who could go to any extreme to get the object of their craving.


Medically speaking, addiction is a complex condition, a chronic dysfunction of the brain system, where a person, despite knowing the harmful consequences, cannot overcome the physical or psychological needs.


As said earlier, addiction is mostly associated with alcohol or drugs. So, people with such addictions intensely focus on the intake of a particular substance to a point that it takes over their lives.




People usually begin taking or doing certain things regularly because these give them more pleasure than many other things. Plainly speaking, it alters their mood. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs or even eatables, if you find the effect of that particular substance pleasing, both physically as well as mentally, you would want to take it again. You may find them enjoyable and that will add to your urge to have them again. Indulging in gambling and winning gives you high. So you would want to recreate that high by doing it again and again and again. Same about shopping.


Many people are addicted to shopping too, for the sheer enjoyment they get out of it. Once you see that a particular activity or substance gives you high or you start feeling differently, your urge to indulge in them becomes more powerful. And you start getting into them regularly. Slowly but steadily, without you noticing it, this becomes an inseparable part of your life. And then not having them causes you feeling low or dissatisfied. You become so used to high of these substances or activities that it becomes difficult to imagine life without them. So, without bothering about the harmful effect or other consequences, you start indulging in them again. It becomes nearly impossible to stop. This particular thing takes over your whole mind and body. There is total lack of self control or rationalization.




As explained earlier, addiction takes over a person without them even noticing it. The intense craving beyond self control for something is a sure shot sign of a person’s addiction to the same. It results in changed behavioral patterns and denial of one’s own condition. The fact is that an addicted person’s whole life revolves around their addiction, whether it is work, eating, shopping, alcohol or drugs or anything else. Their mind becomes so obsessed that they can’t get away the thought of indulging in their addiction. Over a period of time, their body and mind become so used to their addiction that it stops having the desired effect, so they require more doses to maintain their level of pleasure and the cycle continues till the time they either destroy themselves or get into recovery.