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Yoga Therapy


One of the most important elements of successful addiction recovery program is its ability to engage body, mind, and spirit. Very few forms of therapy accomplish this goal as fully and naturally as yoga therapy. Although yoga has only recently begun to be recognized as an effective therapy, it has already helped many addiction recovery patients reconnect with their bodies and build healthy lifelong habits. Read on to learn more about this gentle, effective form of addiction recovery treatment.


What Is Yoga Therapy?


Modern yoga is simply the practice of using physical stances and movements to gain awareness of your own breathing patterns, direct your focus inward, and strengthen the connection between your body and mind. As more and more Americans turn to yoga as stress relief and exercise, healthcare professionals are discovering that this ancient practice has the potential to treat many modern ailments.


In addition to serving as a healthy outlet for stress and anxiety, yoga offers many widely documented health benefits, including:


  • Increased strength and resilience
  • Better awareness of your body’s needs
  • Healthier sleep and diet patterns
  • Improved energy levels
  • Natural pain relief


Studies have shown that yoga therapy boasts a number of positive mental and emotional impacts as well. Patients who practice yoga on a regular basis have an optimistic view of their own worth, which leads to heightened self-confidence and a healthier outlook on relationships.


Yoga practitioners move better, think better, rest better, and feel better. Its ability to simultaneously heal physical, mental, and emotional issues makes it one of the most holistic forms of addiction therapy.